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Let the Dirt Do the Work

Have you ever been so low that you aren't at rock bottom but you are below rock bottom. You are in the dirt. You feel like there is no way up. I'm here to tell you, it's ok.

Beautiful things grow from dirt. Allow yourself to sit in the dirt. My grandmother often says, "A little dirt never hurt anyone."

Sitting in dirt allows you to let the dirt do the work. A moment of pause to see what is growing beside you. A moment pause to see what "nutrients" you have to grow from.

Allow yourself to sit in the dirt.

I promise you will not stay in the dirt. You will grow! Lean into others to support you. Allow others to "till" your dirt and help. I am here to say a little dirt never hurt anyone. You or others.

We have to trust the growing process. The growing process both in flowers and crops mirrors our emotional growing process as a person. Nothing grows alone. It takes water, it takes sunlight, it takes shade, it takes nutrients, and it takes patience. You may feel you are as low as the dirt and that's OK! Find your water source, find your sunlight AND your shade, find your nutrients and sit back, be patient, because my friend, beautiful things grow from dirt.

Sit in the dirt.

It never hurt anyone.

And watch beautiful things grow.

If you are struggling finding your sunlight, your water, your nutrients and seeing the beauty that can grow from your dirt please reach out. Email me at or call (210) 714-1346 to schedule your free consultation today.

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