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Labels: How Do They Paralyze You

You are smart.

You are fat.

You are fun.

You are an alcoholic.

You are so pretty.

You are worthless.


These labels, positive or negative, affect you. Labels do serve a purpose. They allow us to classify things. Make order. If we lived in a world without labels then one could assume that chaos may follow.

However, labels solidify. They place you in a category that you may or may not want to be placed in.

What can you do with a label?

First ask yourself what does this label mean to you?

Does the label reflect who you want to be? Or was it a label imposed on you from someone else. You don't have to bear anyone else's labels except the ones you want on you. Silence their narrative... Raise the volume of yours!

Secondly ask yourself why do I care about this label?

Toddlers and young children ask why A LOT. But there is a purpose in the why of things. Why does something work the way it does? The question of why allows us to dig deeper. It allows us to find reasoning, to find an explanation.

Knowing the what and the why allows you to do something with the label. It allows you to embrace it or to break free from it. Whether you hear "You are a good mom" or "You are a bad mom" you should look at the what and the why of those statements. That label means that you are either living up to or not living up to someone else's standards. Wait... what? You are living up to SOMEONE ELSE'S standards! Why should you care about that? You need to be invested in your standards. Your own measures of affirmation should not be routed in others opinion of you.

Labels, positive or negative allow you stay somewhere.... sometimes somewhere safe. Where you know what is expected from you. We live up to the expectations of the labels that are put upon us. Read that sentence again.

When a label is put upon you, unconsciously, you live in the parameters and uphold the definition of that label.

What labels do you need to shed today? What labels are placed upon you from people who do not know your story? Who are not invested in your story? What labels hold you in a place that you don't want to be?

Break free from these labels! Write your own story!

If you are struggling identifying the what and why of the labels that hold you down please call me at (210) 714-1346 or email at . Let's chat! You deserve more than to be stuck.

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